Surviving the Weather in Paris

Happy Monday morning everyone! So I think that it is time enough to talk about the crazy weather that happens in Paris!

During the summer, everything in France is hunky-dory. But come winter and spring, Mother Nature seems to become a commitmentphobe – she just can’t seem to make up her mind!

There have been many an unfortunate afternoon that I’ll be walking outside, enjoying the sunshine, when out of nowhere a rogue rain storm would appear, and then a few minutes later the sunshine returns like nothing ever happened. All in the span of ten minutes. This is really rather unfortunate when I am out biking and get caught in the middle of it all.

Maybe I’m a little out of touch because of the weather I am familiar with is Canadian weather. Yes, we get more extreme weather (we are notorious for our winters!) but at least if it is going to be sunny, you can at count on it staying that way for a few days. And if it rains, it will pour all day, and then it’s finished for the week.

Paris is another beast entirely.

I was studying at home on Easter Monday when I noticed it suddenly got really dark. That’s when I grabbed my iPhone, went out onto one of the balconies, and filmed this so that the world can know what nonsense this weather can be! I’ve tried to capture it before, but it changes so quickly I never managed to do so in time. This is completely typical of Paris right now and in a single day, multiple cycles of hot sun – pouring rain – pea sized hail can occur and everyone acts like this is totally normal.

My phone did not manage to capture the sheets of rain coming down, nor all the little bits of hail that fell, but you can definitely hear it!

About thirty minutes after filming this, it was back to being sunny again. Paris, sometimes I don’t believe I will never understand your ways!

PS: Bruges, Belgium was the exact same with its weather, so maybe this is just some European curse I was unaware of until now!


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