You Can Lean on Me, Pisa

I know I visited Pisa several months ago, but when you take as many photos as I do, it can take a while to organize them all!

We stopped in Pisa on October 30th just for a day trip on our way to Florence, and then Venice. The town is small and it doesn’t host a vast collection of museums or art galleries, but it does have its big leaning tower!

Pisa 3-min

Actually, the tower is fairly pocket-sized. I guess living in Paris I was expecting something akin to the Eiffel Tower in height. But don’t let its size fool you. Like a Chihuahua, Pisa’s tower does still command dominance over its neighbourhood. You can see it from nearly everywhere.

Pisa 4-min

We actually arrived the night before so we got to see the tower first at night when no one was around. In the morning, there were people everywhere!

Pisa 1-min

The tower was completed in 1372 and sits in a little plaza called piazza del duomo, or Cathedral Square. The plaza is surrounded by an ancient city wall that still stands today. The tower was supposed to be the bell tower for the neighbouring cathedral but then, well, the tower started getting a little tipsy.

Pisa 2-min

Morgan and I had different ideas on how we were going to tackle the practically mandatory tourist photo. She wanted to hold the tower up…

Pisa 5-min

…but I felt more like kicking it down!

Pisa 6-min


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