Discovering “Eat”-aly

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I think that Italy should be spelled more like Eataly – it better represents all of the delicious food there is to eat! With refreshing gelatos, homemade pastas, fresh pizzas and more variations of cheese and wine than you can could ever sample in a lifetime, Italy is a true foodies’ paradise. And I do love food!

Eating your way through Italy is very easy. But in order to better understand the cooking side of Italian cuisine, I signed Morgan, Miguel and I up for a pizza and gelato making class in Florence.

The class took place in a large pizzeria with two big pizza ovens. Our chef Roberto said that the ovens were so hot that they could cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds! Talk about your fast food! Roberto taught us the right dough mixing and kneading technique before we rolled out the dough and added pure tomato puree and fresh mozzarella cheese. There is a full technique to how you spread the sauce (apparently just plopping it on and spreading it around isn’t the answer!). We also learned how to use one of those large pizza spatulas, called a pizza “peel”. The technique is very much like shoveling snow so as a Canadian, I caught on pretty quickly!

The class also taught us the secrets to making such yummy Italian gelato! The technique is fairly simple: after gently heating sugar into milk and cream, you then add any other flavours and freeze it to a lovely smooth consistency. Stracciatella was the flavour we decided on, which is a Fior Di Latte (milk) base with shaved milk chocolate added. Mmmmm!

Of course, the best part (and my favourite part) of the entire class was the eating! We were served some yummy Italian wine to go with our fresh pizza and gelato feast. If you would like to make some Italian pizza and gelato at home too, check out the resources page. It was so simple and easy, this is definitely something I’ll be making again soon!


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