Strangers in Strasbourg

It’s the weekend before classes start again and the one thing I really wanted to do was go on an adventure out of Paris. A few friends had originally planned on going to Marseilles, in the south of France, but the day before we were supposed to leave, things started to fall apart. Some friends backed out last minute. Then we tried to pay for our train tickets only to find that the rail company wouldn’t take foreign credit cards and we lost our seats. Thankfully, no one in France requires a reservation deposit and so our cancelled apartment stay and other rentals cost us nothing. But now it was Thursday mid day and our weekend was going to slip away from us.

Morgan and I looked for a nearby town we could visit for a few days and we came across Strasbourg. Just barely on the French side of the Franco-German border, we liked the looks of the town and found an overnight bus that would leave that evening. I contacted the owners of an apartment rental to see if we could stay there for a few days, but by the time our bus left the Paris station, we hadn’t heard back from the owners yet. We were being quite daring, but we knew it would work out.


We arrived in Strasbourg really early in the morning, but with an email saying the apartment was ours. That was close, but we started to breathe a little. Morgan and I wandered the streets of Strasbourg, discovering half-timbered houses bursting with flowers. We stumbled upon an early morning market where locals were selling the freshest Alsacian goodies. I snacked on some muscat grapes that were the sweetest grapes I have ever known.


The two of us then unloaded Strasbourg before taking a tour of the local chocolate factory, including a chocolate tasting workshop. Full of chocolate, we made our way back to the apartment, sorted out some plans and went to dinner at an Alsacian restaurant. We then picked up our friend Andre from the station, who will also be staying with us for the weekend.

We have very little in the way of solid plans for this weekend, but I guess that’s the luxury of being young and flexible, with only yourself to worry about.


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