Climbing the Eiffel Tower – by Stairs!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Morgan from over at Ontario to Paris and I decided to climb the Eiffel Tower by stairs. We tackled the first 34 floors by foot, then took an elevator to floor 85, the summit. I decided to turn on the GoPro for the first 17 floors to the first level. At the end we were exhausted, but glad to be on solid flooring again!

At one point, I look over the edge to see down and I realized there was an 8 inch gap between the flooring and the safety fence. Morgan laughed at the face I made, while I said “There is a gap and I am not happy about it!” before moving on.

I do not recommend the climbing by stairs to anyone who hates looking down! Try the elevator up instead, haha.

If you want to watch the video on Facebook instead, click here to go to my Facebook Page. When watching the video on Facebook, be sure to hit “HD” in the bottom right hand corner to watch the video in better quality. Hit the two arrows in the same corner to make the video full screen.


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