The Best Travel Apps You Haven’t Heard Of

1) Rome2Rio (Free)

Google maps works alright, but for a traveler who is exploring more remote areas with no idea on how to get there, Rome2Rio is fabulous! Simply type in where you are coming from, where you are going to, and Rome2Rio shows at least 3-5 ways to get there. The app will also display how long the trip will take, and how much it will probably cost. If the trip requires buying a train or plane ticket in advance, there are links to where you can purchase them. Rome2Rio is my absolute favourite traveling app, and I find myself using it all the time!

2) Stylebook ($4.59)

I’m someone who is so obsessed with being organized that it’s kind of an addiction. No, it probably is an addiction. I’m sure my friends would say it is! Are you also obsessively organized? Then Stylebook is a dream come true! If you can put in the full afternoon it will take to capture and upload photos of your entire closet, Stylebook becomes a fascinating personal stylist. You can create Polyvore-style outfits, assign them to certain days on the calendar, and see which items you are getting the most wear out of. By saving and tagging your outfit creations, you can easily pull together a great look when in a rush. No more trying on 100 outfits to find the right one! There is also a travel feature, where you can choose the outfits you want to wear on your trip, and Stylebook will put together a packing list for you. Oh my god, right?!

3) Snap Shot Postcard (Free)

I love postcards! They are fun to send and exciting to receive. But when you are on the road, finding stamps can be tricky, and some cards only arrive AFTER you’ve returned from your trip. That’s no fun! Snap Shot Postcards has a wonderful idea – you take the photo, type the message, and give an address, and we’ll worry about the postage. You read correctly – that fabulous photo of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower? That can become a postcard with minimal effort in minutes! The first postcard is free, and after that, ‘credits’ are bought for subsequent postcards. 1 credit is needed for US domestic cards, 2 credits for international. Each credit is about $0.80 US.

4) XE Currency (Free)

There are a million currency conversion apps out there, but none are as slick and easy to use as XE Currency. Best of all, you don’t need to spend money to convert money! The app is free on all devices. XE Currency uses live currency rates so you get the most accurate results, for free. A must when you are having a hard time doing all that math in your head!

5) Sunscreen (Free)

If you have skin as pale as I do, then it’s just a fact of life that you never tan (edit: I finally got a tan when I went surfing in Lisbon!). And since lobster red is yet to be the season’s it colour, you have to slather on the sunscreen, paranoid you are going to burn, even though it’s overcast and only 10 degrees Celsius. But how do you keep track of when you need to reapply, or even how often you should reapply? If this is something you find yourself worrying about, Sunscreen is your pal! Just enter in your skin type and the SPF you are applying, and Sunscreen will detect the UV Index of your location and set a timer for when you need to reapply your lotion. Now you can finally spend a day at the beach without looking like you fell asleep in the sun!

6) Onavo (Free)

Are you using a data plan and afraid of going vastly over by the end of the month? Don’t have a heart attack when you read your next phone bill. Onavo, in ways that are beyond my comprehension, manages to lessen how much data you use when downloading emails, streaming videos and even posting on Facebook. I’m not sure how it does it, but it works and I’m not going to fuss.

7) Museums Mobile (Free)

I’m a history geek, so museums are my meat and potatoes when traveling abroad. If this sounds like you too, Museums Mobile will access it’s huge database to point you in the direction of museums near you. It’s also full of info on the later exhibits, giving you a personal tour guide once you get to where it takes you.

8) WIFI Finder (free)

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you canceled your data plan for a lengthy trip abroad, use this nifty little app to track down the WIFI hotspots nearest to you! This app will turn you from a fly-swatting tourist with her phone stuck in the air to a skilled wolf tracking down its prey, WIFI prey that is!

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