How to: Stay Fly While You Fly

Arrive at any airport around the word and a few “standard” travelers come into view: the young couple with the unhappy toddler, the diva with the six inch heels and an armful of metal bangles, the 20-something wearing university-brand sweatpants and those infamous Uggs…these are the first three that come into mind. Don’t want to identify with another tired traveler stereotype? Try these tips in order to stay fly while you fly!

What to wear:

1. A scarf

Airports tend to be cold. A scarf is something small, light and easy to toss into a carry-on bag, but can keep you warm if the air conditioning is a little too high for your liking. Besides, there are so many cute prints, you will hardly be sacrificing style for comfort!

2. Non-metallic accessories

Try to stay away from all metallic accessories. This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised on how many people do forget this. If you can, also try to avoid wearing a belt for this reason.

3. Anything that can double up as a blanket

Wraps, shawls, oversized sweaters…if you can wrap yourself up like a burrito in it, it’s probably a good idea.

4. Socks

You will likely need to take your shoes off for the body scanner. Would you like to swap germies with every other person who has walked on that floor? Ew, no thanks! The socks will also help to keep your feet warm on a chilly plane ride too.

5. Slip-on shoes

Laces, zippers, buckles (or God forbid! Gladiator sandals!) hardly make removing footwear quick and easy. If you can, try for some slip on kicks to keep things simple. It will prevent you from bending down to undo/tie/zip everything just to do it all over again it a few moments. Make sure you can run in your footwear though – just in case you have a close connection to catch.

6. Comfy pants

Despite what Victoria Beckham would argue, just stick to pants. Skirts will twist, dresses will wrinkle and hemlines will rise when you try to sit down. Make sure your pants are cozy enough to potentially sleep in. Don’t use your flight as an opportunity to break in those new skinny jeans! No matter how cute they may be, stiff fabric and tight waistbands won’t seem cute anymore when they are chaffing and pinching every minute of a ten hour flight. Leggings are always my go-to. Just don’t wear sweatpants, please.

Jet Set Brunette Tip: When I travel overnight, I like to throw a pair of pajama pants into my purse. I switch into them once the plane, bus or train takes off. Just before you arrive, switch back into your street clothes. Now you can be both cozy during the trip and presentable once you arrive!

7. Your hair up

Your long hair will likely get all mussed up during the flight, especially if it’s a long-haul flight where you’ll (try to) take a nap. Try for a braid, top bun or lose ponytail to keep things out of the way and under control. Just make sure it isn’t too tight so you’ll still be comfy!

What to avoid:

1. A belt

Unless you are keen on making many enemies going through security, don’t wear a belt. They are a pain to put on, a pain to take off, and even more painful when watching someone fumble with their own.

2. Scents

This is something most people forget about. That’s because most people aren’t sensitive to perfumes. I’m someone who gets an instant reaction to certain scents – we’re talking running nose, constant sneezing, headaches and other ugly allergic reactions – and I have no idea if I’ll react or not until I smell it. So unless you want to have someone like me sneezing on you for a 10-hour flight, I’d suggest just sticking to the deodorant. Leave the perfume, cologne, aftershave, hand cream, scented hand sanitizers and other like-items in your toiletry bag and not on you. You can always take a sample-size perfume or cologne with you in your carry on for application after you land if you feel too naked going completely scent-free.



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