Being a Foodie, French-Canadian Style!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love food. Eating is never a chore for me, it’s an adventure and I do love adventures! Therefore, it is only natural that while in Montréal, I would find some delicious French Canadian food to savour. In Old Montréal I found a cooking guild, Ateliers & Saveurs, where I signed up for a French cooking class during lunch time. The class was very small, with only four others there with me. We cooked in a huge state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen. The chef himself spoke French (a little too fast sometimes) and with a (thick) accent but I figured it out after a few minutes. He helped correct my techniques and I caught on to the new skills we had learned. In the end, I had a delicious lunch of salmon tartare and auricular salad with a crème balsamique dressing. It was sooo yummy!

Montréal 30 - mini

Salmon Tartare and Arugula Salad

After devouring my lunch, I met up with my friend Louis, whom I lived and worked with in Saguenay last summer, and who lives in Montréal. He showed me McGill university and the campus museum, complete with it’s own huge dinosaur skeleton! We then went to a café for smoothies before heading to La Banquise, a great place that serves poutine 24 hours a day, done a THOUSAND different ways!

The poutine menu at La Banquise

It was hard to choose just one, but eventually I did; I ordered mine with pulled pork, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, bacon and cheese curds. The plate I was served was huge. He-llo, carbs!

Montréal 29 - mini

My delicious poutine!

I know that I could eat my way all through Montréal, but I think I did pretty well for a weekend trip!


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