It Was a Flop…

The tour was a flop today. Apparently a group was coming in from the States and the way the museum described it, it sounded like a cruise group like yesterday. Instead, there was a journalist who was ‘cruising’ the Saguenay area for a big article that included the museum, not a ‘cruise’ arriving in the port. The language barrier caused an issue in the translation.

A journalist with kids would have been fine, and she called before she arrived to confirm that there would be an anglo guide for her (me), but when she arrived she decided she didn’t need me after all. I had been scheduled to give the tour for the rest of the afternoon.

So I chilled out with the hermit crabs instead.

I’ve been craving frozen yogurt for a while now. I was spoiled with it at Toronto; it’s really popular. So I got some at IGA today…on sale! The good stuff too. Creamy vanilla and raspberry. Mmm. So maybe the day was not so bad after all.

Day off tomorrow and rent is due. And I still have the rest of that frozen yogurt to finish!


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