Charlotte, another anglophone student, gave me a call this morning saying that one of her roommates was heading to Tadoussac to go whale watching, and I could join them if I wanted to. So of course I went!

We pulled over just north of Tadoussac for this gorgeous view.

It was very, very windy from the top of the cliff!

We actually didn’t go to Tadoussac, but rather a half hour north of Tadoussac to a town called Les Escoumins. The name is agreed upon as a French-ism of a native word, but people debate over which word exactly.

Les Escoumins is pretty much nothing. It’s about the size of Alma, which about as much “tourism” as Alma too. No one really goes to Les Escoumins unless they are doing one of two things: RVing or whale watching.

We were very lucky to go whale watching when we did! The guide told us that the whales had just come down from the arctic on Thursday and were staying in the Saint Lawrence for a few days before continuing south. Our boat was spoiled by seeing grey seals, minke whales, fin whales and humpback whales!

Tic-Tac-Toe, the humpback whale father, 14 years old.

Snow White, the humpback whale daughter, 4 years old.

It was mighty cold out on the Saint Lawrence, only 10 degrees Celcius or so, but the tour company outfitted everyone in life-jackets and waterproof coats so we were nice, dry and warm.

The view of the shore at sunset from the boat.


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