Les Trois Accords…?

Les Trois Accords are the most bizarre music group I have ever listened to.

There was a free concert in Jonquière today and so a handful of us from the Young Canada Works Program met up with some of our previous animateurs from the Explore Program to go and see the concert. The band that was playing was Les Trois Accords. It’s not that they dress funny, have crazy hair, weird antics and gimmicks, none of that. It’s their lyrics. They are beyond abnormal. They just don’t make any sense! I confirmed that I actually heard the lyrics right by searching them up online. Yup! My comprehension of them was spot on. Lyrics like:

“Saskatchewan, you took my wife from me. My horse doesn’t talk to me anymore. My cows call me “you”.” (Saskatchewan, Les Trois Accords)

“You smell super good but you don’t have any soap in your shower. It touches me and I squint towards you.” (Super Bon, Les Trois Accords)

I don’t know if this band is trying to be funny or if they are being serious. Either way, they are exceedingly popular and I haven’t the slightest idea why! My flatmate Louis adores them and he knows I’m less than keen, so he makes certain to always sing random lyrics around me, knowing he’ll get a reaction. All in good fun of course. At least everyone had a good laugh about it tonight!


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