No Longer the New Kids!

When I arrived at work today, there was a bit of a surprise – 4 Anglophone girls got off at the same stop! Apparently they are a part of a YMCA work program. The four are all from the GTA and are still in high school. So basically, I’m not one of the new kids anymore. Woohoo!

Their French isn’t the greatest, so the girls will be given the less-social tasks, which also happen to be the least exciting ones (like bathroom checks and cleaning tasks). Still, they are good company when I am working at the boutique and there is absolutely nothing to do and nobody is shopping.

Today I also got to see the results of the Fjord publicity video. They were filming it on our first day (which was also my birthday), and I was chosen as one of the extras. It’s nearly impossible to see me but I am there, in the movie scene, third over from the main girl. I know I’m there so that’s good enough for me!


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