Sight Seeing!

This morning was beautiful and cool, so I tried to get some sightseeing in before it got too hot to be walking about!
I tried to visit the old nunnery only a block from the apartment, which is (kind of) still in business, but now as a museum and fancy retirement home and not as a nunnery.

The main building, once where the nuns had their lessons.

The nuns were the reason Saguenay started an education system. But when I tried to visit, it didn’t work out. The receptionist was probably 100 years old, kept asking is I was Spanish and that was about all I could understand of her. Aw well, I still got to enjoy a very awesome view seeing as the nuns built their little palace on top of a cliff.

There are people who have houses on top of the cliff to the left. How I envy them and their view!

After I left the nunnery, I decided to return to the pulperie to finish the walk I couldn’t finish last time (due to the hippie wedding). Of course, the rest of the grounds were just as stunning as the first time I visited.

The man made riverbed that once fed the huge water turbines for the pulperie.

The last stop for the day was to be a little park at the furthermost west part of Chicoutimi. There, the ruins of the original trading post were recently discovered and there is an archeology dig going on in the area. Being the weekend, no one was working, but that meant I had the entire site to myself.

While I was walking there, I heard the most awful noise that sounded quite painful. I then noticed it was a small dog making the noise. The homeowners had evidently left their dog home, outside on the fenced porch. The dog had then tried to escape the porch, only to get caught on the fence and was left hanging by his back foot. Being as there was another dog on the porch (a rather big one too), I approached the two dogs slowly, and was then able to lift the little dog up with one arm and free him with the other. I put him down and took a few steps back (I have no idea what this dog’s temperment is) but he seemed friendly and tested out his foot. The neighbour had come outside to see what the commotion was and I explained and left the dog with her. Hopefully some good karma will make it’s way to me!

Also along the way, I came across a beautiful little waterfall. I have no idea why it’s there, but there were some pretty gardens around it so I figured I’d stay a few minutes. Plus, it was getting bloody hot out by this time and the mist from the falls felt lovely!

The mist was super refreshing.

It was like a little hidden paradise!

I did eventually get to the dig site. There wasn’t much to see, which is logical since the dig just started. But there are the outlines of stone foundations and walls to be seen.

It doesn’t look like much yet.

Some seemingly random rocks but they are apart of the old foundation.

The day was getting unbearably hot so I returned home and made some dinner. I am exhausted from all of this hiking and so an early night for me tonight!


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