Happy Saint Jean Baptiste Day!

Happy Saint Jean Baptiste Day!

Happy Saint-What Day? That was my first thought. Apparently today is like Québec’s birthday. I have not a clue who Jean Baptiste is or why he’s so important to Québec, but I do know that it means I get a holiday!

…Not from work though. It was surprisingly not-busy despite it being a holiday. Aw well, I get paid whether people come or not.

After work, the festivities began. For me, that meant that I went to a free Louis-Jean Cormier concert. He is immensely popular here and performed just a 5 minute walk from my apartment. I was sure to arrive 45 minutes early and it paid off – I was one of the first to arrive and I got wonderful seats.

Louis-Jean Cormier gave a short introduction speech about pride and had the crowd screaming and cheering!

Performing one of his songs.

Unfortunately, being an outside concert, good seats or not you still get rained on. And it poured. Of course, I don’t have an umbrella with me, so even though I had a raincoat on, I got soaked. Raincoats only work for so long.

I kept my camera and bag dry though which was the most important thing, so I’m not complaining. Just a little cold.

The concert was great fun and the amount of pride the Québecois have for their province is inspiring. Political preferences aside (there are a lot of pro-separatists here…a lot!) I can see why they are so proud of their province. The community vibe around here today was amazing – everyone was dancing and singing and waving around fleur-de-lis flags despite the torrential rain. Everyone was so happy!

I am finally dry again and off to bed. After all, I have to go to work again tomorrow!


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