The Pulperie & a Piq-Nique (Picnic)!

I needed a slow day today, and a slow Sunday it was.

Everyone slept in, then came together for our Sunday brunch picnic. My crèpes were a hit and there were other yummy goodies to be had. Charlotte even made pouding chômeur (delicious!!).

After our little brunch, Louis and I went to the pulperie. Now an old museum with ruins, it once fed paper pulp to England and even the New York Times. Yay Canada!

One of the old trains used to transport the pulp.

The metal ID plate on the train.

The main factory building, now housing the museum and art galleries.

An old water tower.

The dry river bed that fed the hydroelectric dams. There is a small stream running through it still, but not nearly as big as it once was.

One of the factory ruins and beyond to the fjord.

A huge ruin with the water tower. The roof trusses are still surviving!

One of the ruins, peeking in to see the old stained glass remains of a chapel.

Looking in at the old stained glass windows.

The stained glass windows.

Rose bushes along the ruins.

One of the rougher ruins.

Underneath the huge water tower.

The ruins are beautiful, and some of the old stained glass remains, even after all this time! The grounds look like a beautiful park! The ruins look well maintained, and not like they are going to fall on anyone at any minute.

While we were walking the grounds, we accidentally walked in on a hippie wedding! It was being housed in on of the ruins. Everyone was barefoot and wearing gypsy-looking clothes. They were dancing in circles and singing and it looked like a good time was had by all so Louis and I quietly left before too many people saw us by mistake. What a random event!

The museum had lots of old relics from aluminum and we all learned the (laborious) process of making wood pulp. The job paid better than most but not near enough for the amount of work being performed. Not to mention dangerous!

I’ve hiked so much I’m surprised my shoes are still in tact! Dinner time for me (not sure what yet exactly) then an early night. I have to work tomorrow after all!


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