CBC & Groceries

It’s grocery day! (Exciting Saturday, right?) Louis and I have been running on empty and needed something for dinner. We learned our lesson from last time and didn’t buy too much all at once.

Afterwards we waited and waited but the bus never showed. We started walking to another stop that the bus was scheduled to be at in fifteen or so minutes. As we were walking to the other stop, we passed by the CBC headquarters. I said I felt like heading inside to look around but Louis thought I was just joking. I wasn’t.

I buzzed the intercom and a very confused looking young man came out. I explained who we were and that we would really enjoy seeing how CBC is run. The young man was surprisingly, just as enthusiastic as we were! He told us on weekends though, he’s pretty much working alone so he didn’t have anyone free to give a tour. He did say to come back on a week day and he would be happy to show us around. Yay!

Louis and I walked to the bus stop very excited about our luck. And Louis thought I was crazy to ring the intercom. Pft!

Once at the actual bus stop, we ran into Annie, one of the coordinators from the Explore program. She happened to be driving by and stopped to chat. We couldn’t stay long though because the bus came and we had to go.

After we got home and all settled in, Louis and I went back out again to do some sightseeing. We settled on La Petite Maison Blanche (The Little White House), which was the only surviving building hit by the 1996 flood here. This house is about the size on a one car garage but the builder was smart enough to pour the foundation to the bedrock. A motel and a bowling alley were washed away but not this darned white house.

The back yard to this little house used to be flat and full of soil. The flood washed it all away to this.

We also went to see the old church nearby and accidentally crashed mass I think. The doors creaked open, I saw a lot of unimpressed faces turn around at us, and I tried to shut the door quietly (truly), but those hinges are thirsty for a little oil. Sorry!

Louis and I decided to instead take a walk across the footbridge nearby. It reminded me a lot of Elora which was nice. The sun was bright and we enjoyed the lovely weather.

This river feeds the hydroelectric dam behind me.


A foot bridge over the river.

On our way back to our apartment, Louis and I took a last detour and went down to the marina. Sometimes there are some yachts down here, but today there were just some lovely boats.


After dinner, everyone decided to stop by a small café for a coffee or tea and some yummy French cakes. The building was renovated from an industrial plant of some kind, and has a bohemian feel to it. They also have bags of coffee beans everywhere since they grind their own coffee here, so the whole place smells like coffee and cake. Mmm!

Ben, who has a car, decided to take us all to this new spot he discovered across the fjord. We drove up to the top of the cliff where there was a giant park. At night time all of Chicoutimi was lit up and it looked gorgeous!

A long day no doubt! We will all be sleeping in tomorrow. Everyone has decided to profit from this dose of good weather by having a picnic brunch tomorrow in the park. I’m choosing to bring crèpes. Yummy!


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