Welcome in the Weekend!

As if yesterday was slow, today was even slower.

It’s the last day of school here for elementary schools, and who would plan a field trip for the last day? No one, apparently.

We still have that huge stack of papers to work our way through. Some of them do cover the exhibits, but it’s still pretty dull reading. I decided to take a self guided tour of the museum to make the learning a little more exciting than trying to understand verb conjugations. And it was! One thing I never knew – Saguenay used to be known as “Le Royaume du Saguenay”, or “The Kingdom of Saguenay”. Not sure who the king was supposed to be (France?) but I’ll figure that one out.

Today was also the official day that training ends. In reality, this isn’t true, but for the sake a “training week”, it is. We have all been given different schedules for next week and poor Rayleigh has a 41 hour week next week while the rest of us have under 35. We get paid a minimum number of hours a week regardless if we actually worked them or not, so the rest of us have gotten off the hook this week. Things will probably rotate around over the next 7 weeks.

So this is the last day of all of us working together, but honestly, there were way too many of us there last week. Maybe next week we will be busier with less of us around. Off to welcome the weekend in!


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