Flowers and a Proper Apartment!

Today was more like a continuation of my birthday.

After work, I received some flowers from Dad and Anna. They are really pretty and really sweet. They truly liven up my (empty) room and smell lovely!

Pretty colours!

Speaking of my room, last night I officially moved into Ralph’s old room and I couldn’t be happier! Ralph was Louis’ old roommate on the floor above where Tim and I were placed. Same building, same landlord, but much better apartment! Ralph moved to Montréal yesterday so I bought him out of the rest of this month’s rent and I will be paying the other 6 weeks afterwards. I feel much better being in a nicer apartment that is actually $10 cheaper per month (no idea why…?). It will also be nice living with another Explore student. Louis even works with me so we will take the same bus in the morning too!

I’ll give everyone the grand tour!

As you walk into my room, with my window.

I have a leather rocking chair and the walls were just painted!

The ceiling is sloped but at least I’m not tall! My desk has croissants for breakfast, plus a baguette and a bottle of sparkling wine to go with dinner. I am loving the French culture!

There are hooks and a side table next to the bed.

I have a roomy closet with hangers and a shelf too.

The carpet is clean and the lights are bright. I am very happy here!

The kitchen/dining room common area. The laminate floor is peeling and the appliances came from the 80’s but it works!

Our kitchen area with the front door. Basic but functional.

 So not too shabby and the location can’t be beat – right downtown! The buses even stop a few feet down the road too – bonus! I am glad everything is falling into place, and I am beginning to really love my new job. We were told that if we learn an exhibit back and front, we might be able to give some tours. Woo-hoo!


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