My Birthday!

I’m 20! Woo-hoo!

I woke up in a great mood today and got to listen to the bells from the local church (if that’s what you call it, the place is humongous!).

This church is only a few doors down from my new house and I hear its bells every morning.

Today was also my first day of work! The museum seems like a great job that is very laid-back. Today, Louis, Rayleigh, Charlotte and I spent the day being tourists at our new employment, following the guides around with the visiting school groups to learn about the museum ourselves.

La Baie, at the west side of town, where we transfer buses in the morning.
On the quay at high tide, in the south of town, directly behind my new job.

You really can’t ask for a nicer landscape to work within. During the day, at low tide, there are excursions with the museum where the guides take groups out to find small wildlife like shrimp. It was a good day to go out along the beach that is usually under quite a bit of water.

The museum has 5 exhibits. First there is the aquarium, with the touch pool. I like this part a lot – you can hold starfish and sea urchins! There is also a vivarium with insects and amphibians. They have five hermit crabs that are fun to play with – they’re my favourite! There is also s multimedia film theatre, a permanent exhibit on the history and genetics of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area, and a temporary exhibit on invasive species. The museum is not big by any means, but it is a very good one. It is more like a science museum than a history museum. It is all about the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, above land, under water, and how people made their way here. I sure am learning a lot about the area, that’s for sure!

After work, I was able to move into Ralph’s room, in the flat above from where I was before. My room looks so much nicer now, and rent is the same. Woo-hoo! Tim moved to an another apartment yesterday, so I now live with Louis, my coworker, and a doctorate student from Senegal. Louis and I are not too sure about his name, so we just call him Abraham because that’s the closest we can get. He’s always studying in his room or at the university so we never see much of him anyways.
Everyone had planned a dinner for my birthday, which was really sweet. Almost everyone was able to make it, even those who were stationed out of town! We went to a gourmet burger bar which was delicious!
From Left to Right: Sarah (Bistro, L’Anse-Saint-Jean), Ben (Hotel Receptionist, La Baie), Me (Museum, La Baie), Tim (Laiterie, Chicoutimi), Susannah (Parks Keeper, Chicoutimi), Lauren (Parks Keeper, Chicoutimi), Louis (Museum, La Baie), Charlotte (Museum, La Baie), Katie (Laiterie, Chicoutimi).
After dinner we went to one of the student’s apartments to play some billiards and chat. I had bought some real champagne for the occasion, which you can do here in Québec in these cute little blue bottles. I had also bought some brand new seasonal strawberries, because, you only turn twenty once right?!

Overall, I had a wonderful day. Everything is falling into place nicely and I am FINALLY starting to be able to keep pace with the locals. My accent hasn’t changed yet, but that’s okay, I like it. It labels us as ‘foreign’, and way up north here in Saguenay, Ontario does seem pretty foreign to me.


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