My First Grocery Trip…Ouch!

Today I learned a very valuable lesson – but I’ll mention that later!

We woke up this morning, super early. Surprise! The sun is up before 5 am. The blinds don’t block out the sunlight well and we don’t have curtains, so we are up with the sun too. When we woke up however, our new place didn’t seem so inviting as it had when we were exhausted last night. Aw well, it’s only for 8 weeks. At least I have my own mini fridge. The place isn’t dirty, it’s just old. And not what we thought it would be. I guess the photos online were of the room that Louis got. Louis is on the floor above Tim and I, and it had recently been remodeled. Tim and I are on the middle floor, which was the next to be remodeled. I’ll just have to get used to it, unless I want to pay a few hundred dollars more a month (which I really don’t). Tim may move out though, which I understand as his room is rougher than mine. I think Louis said that one of his roommates is moving out this week. I may be able to take his room, which would be a lot better. I’ll have to ask Ralph, the roommate, tonight.

Now the grocery trip – that was fun! We went out to a café to grab breakfast first – I had croissants, yum! Today was my first full grocery trip solo, which means that it’s the priciest and also the most difficult. But we all kind of forgot that we needed to get the food home somehow and we all take the bus…uh-oh. I have some pretty little bruises on my forearms because I forgot that little detail at the end and had bought things like milk and juice and apples. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow is my birthday and also my first week of work (Yay! and Yay!). It’s a good thing that I am up for adventure because lately, my life has been very unpredictable, but I love it!


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