Moving Day!

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Wow is moving a lot of work or what? And I only have 3 bags!

Monique taught me how to make her tortière this weekend which was delicious, and she made egg rolls for dinner. They are much different from how I remember egg rolls in Ontario, but good nevertheless. It was hard to say goodbye to my “Jonqui-mère”, (a clever play on the words Jonquière, our town, and “mère” meaning mother, Jonqui-mère was what all the students called our host moms), but she invited me to visit her sometime once she has her new students in. That made it feel less like a goodbye and more like a “See you later

Camille drove us to Chicoutimi to move in. Everywhere on the fjord is a hill though – no gentle slopes. Tim, one of my new roommates, says that Chicoutimi reminded him of San Francisco. At first I thought it was because he was maybe a little overtired but now I’m starting to agree with him. I am going to be in great shape if I have to keep up all of this walking business. Oh, what a luxury a car is!

We arrived around 7:30 pm and got settled in. Mario seems like a nice guy, which is fortunate. We don’t have to sign any contracts with him like the other students said they had to. After Camille left, we all went to check out our neighbourhood. We are in a great part of town. We are steps away from downtown and the water, including the Vieux Port, which is absolutely stunning at sunset!

It is also Father’s Day today so we all called our Dads to wish them a happy day. I still have to get used to the fact that I can speak English whenever now! Everyone is going to bed early because we are just so tired. We have tomorrow off at least to do some grocery shopping and minor chores done before we need to start work on Tuesday. Thank goodness for that or today would have been a nightmare – everything closes on Sunday and we would have had no food!

Here’s to a good night’s rest and a new chapter on my adventure in Saguenay!


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