Ghost Town

That is what today feels like – a ghost town! I am so used to waking up, going to class, seeing everyone, but now the students are all on their respective modes of transportation home. At least I got to sleep in today.

I am slowly packing everything up to be ready for tomorrow evening. I had bought an Adele CD for Monique as a thank you gift because she absolutely adores Adele but doesn’t have any of her CD’s. After a day of searching, I found the only two left in Saguenay it seemed. Anglophone music is not very common here, and when it does arrive, it’s sells out very quickly. Monique was so happy when she saw the CD, she jumped up and down and gave me a huge hug. She played it this evening and knows almost all the lyrics to every song. She sings it all with a lovely French accent of course.

Today was a hot day, so I enjoyed sitting outside on the balançoire. I have no idea what the word for that is in English, but it is one of those swinging benches with a canopy above it. They are very, very popular here and everyone loves them.

Tomorrow is the big moving day and I am anxious to see the new place in real life. I hope everything works out!


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