No Longer Homeless!

I called Mario back this evening and asked him how many rooms he had available. One of the three students had decided it was too close to the move in date and decided to take one of the expensive ones instead. So now, there were three of us interested. This ended up being perfect, as there were three rooms available.

I will be living with Tim, an engineering student from Ottawa, and Louis, a neuroscience student from McGill. I will be working at the museum with Louis, which means we will be taking the same bus to La Baie every morning. Tim will be working in Chicoutimi at a laiterie (which is kind of like an ice cream store plus more).

Friday I will confirm the move in date with Mario and Camille, who will be driving us on the move-in day. I couldn’t be happier. This is the first time I have ever done this, and I managed to do so in a foreign language! I understood everything Mario said, and vice versa. Louis, Tim and I are stoked to move in for the summer. We will be living right downtown, and apparently there will be a ton of free music festivals this summer.

Tonight was also the Soirée Explore. Each student had joined a group the first week (mine was dance) and now each group presented their final piece. The cooking class fed us, the art class decorated the evening and the improv class entertained us. My dance class presented 5 dances throughout the night, which were a hit. There was African dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Swing and Jazz. It was a wonderful night and many host families came to watch too, including Monique.

Exams are finished tomorrow, and then it’s Friday! Some students have already left to catch planes home. It doesn’t feel like it’s almost done!


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