It’s Monday Again…

Monday’s are not my favourite day. Classes are longest, and today there was also a lot of studying for the final exams.

I still haven’t received an email back from the landlords in Chicoutimi, which is concerning as we start work in exactly one week from today. Maybe I will have to try and find something myself as there isn’t much time left to do so. There have been a lot of informal meetings for the Québec work program, and the paperwork is starting to grow. Also, I have emails coming in from Glendon with paperwork that I have to somehow fax back to Toronto within 3 days. My life is a little chaotic at the moment.

This evening will have to be a quiet one so I can catch up on everything. Lots of students go to the bar every single night, and sleep in class the next morning. I don’t think I would have the energy to be able to do that every night. Especially if I want to keep this new job and attend Glendon this September!


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