The Beach

So the weatherman was actually right for once. The weather today couldn’t have been nicer!

I know I am a wimp for cold water, but Lac-Saint-Jean is probably the most frigid water I have ever swam in. It is the kind of cold that makes your skin tingle for the first few minutes. Quite a shock to the system when the air is 32 degrees!

All of the water here is glacier melt, so during my previous adventures, everyone had worn double wet suits if we were going into it. Not today! Once we were used to it, the water was quite refreshing. Still freezing cold though. We played some water sports throughout the day, and at one time I actually won with my partner Jonathon, who is one of the coordinators here.

I don’t know how many times I applied sunscreen, but I still got burnt. Ugh. Why must my skin be so fragile? At least it’s not bad – it only showed up a few hours after I got out of the sun. But I was so determined to not get burnt today!

Tomorrow is the start of the last week of Explore and I can’t imagine where all the time has gone! At least I know that I will be staying for 8 weeks afterwards to enjoy Saguenay some more.


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