At the Ranch

Today was bright, hot and sunny, just the way I like it.

One of Monique’s daughters, Sonya, part-owns a ranch in Shipshaw, just across the river from Kénogami. Last week, Sonya had invited us over to visit and ride the horses today. It was way too hot to ride, but the visit was nice. French country music is weird though, I must say.

I also helped Monique with some grocery shopping today. Wow, is the food ever cheap here! I guess it makes sense though, I am kind of in the middle of nowhere haha. There is very little civilization around us here. My favourite part of the shopping was the baguettes: they sell for $1 a foot, by the foot. Very French!

Thinking about the cheap food here, it’s too bad that I dislike beer. Not only can you buy some at any convenient store (no LCBO or the like exists in Québec) but a 24 is about $20. I have no idea why it’s so cheap, but all the students love it. The bars have $1 pint days every week and they are a hit. I can’t stand the taste of beer, but it’s probably cheaper that way anyhow.

Tomorrow we go to the beach (Yay!). Monique says that this will be the first beach day in about three years of the Explore Program that the weather will actually be nice. Apparently the beach always gets canceled due to rain/fog/stormy weather. I just hope the weatherman is right this time.


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