Interview Results?

It’s Wednesday, the day I find out about the results from my interview last week!

I received an email from Camille, asking to see me this morning. Apparently, there was an issue with the start and end dates of one of the employments. She confirmed that my first choice was the museum, and indulged me in the knowledge that I was definitely chosen for the Languages and Work Program! As she had yet to send out the official results email, I had to stay quiet the entire day which was pretty difficult.

Once the email had been sent out later that afternoon, I discovered that I was one of thirteen students out of 155 that were chosen for the Languages and Work Program. We still don’t know for what employment we have been chosen, but Camille’s questions earlier today about my first choice make me think that I might have been chosen for the museum.

Today was also the rescheduled date for Monday’s activities. We played Kinball, which is a sport invented in Quebec and involves a air-filled ball over 5 feet wide. It was a fun game but absolutely exhausting! There was a lot of running around constantly.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting for the Languages and Work students about what we need to do before Explore ends, and we will find out then what placement we have.


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