The Film Festival

The rain is still here, but at least the sun has returned. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

For the first day of the Secret Friends challenge, there were people dressed up in crazy costumes, and at lunch there was a lot of awkward dancing and bad singing by people who had to do so for their “task”. Probably one of the funniest lunches I’ve had in Québec so far, and I’m just gad I didn’t have to join them.

After dinner there was a short film festival at the Cégep. It was about 2 or so hours long, and I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the films were better than others, but it was a good way to practice listening to French. I understood most of the jokes, which was a good sign!

We were also able to meet some up-and-coming French film makers too. They were present at the festival and each gave a little background information on them and their films, which was all very interesting! They talked about the process of film making, but it seems like too much work for me!

Can you believe that the fourth week is already here? I know I can’t!


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