Interviews, Volleyball and Costume Parties

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Wow, was this Friday ever busy! Firstly, after lunch I had my interview with Camille. She is definitely off-beat (her hair is turquoise) but she is really kind and she does her job very well. The interview was completely in French. Camille is not hard to understand if you pay very close attention and keep up with her pace. Thankfully, I managed to do both. She considered me for three job placements: a museum tour guide, a hotel receptionist and a waitress at a bistro-bar. I will find out Wednesday whether I will be interviewed by the employers for any of the positions.

Afterwards, I participated in the volleyball tournament. I played with other classmates, and although we didn’t win, we had fun.

This evening also hosted a costume party. My team dressed up as hippies, which were a hit. Other friends dressed up as a group of nerds. My favourite was the huge group who dressed up as the cast of Alice in Wonderland. It really was phenomenal!

The girls went to the bar after but I walked home with Nancy since she has a Badminton tournament tomorrow and I need to be up early for kayaking. I am very excited and I hope to see a beluga or seal in the fjord!


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