Almost Friday

The weeks are going by so fast! Already it is almost Friday!

I had my weekly dance class today, which was Latino themed. It was fun as always, but my abs are really aching right now!

After classes, Sarah, Jamie and I went to Chicoutimi to see what there was. We walked around and window shopped before grabbing ice cream and heading back. I also picked up an Adèle CD for Monique as a thank you gift for her hospitality these past few weeks. She really has been a great host. She loves Adèle but doesn’t own a single CD of hers so I am certain she will like it.

Tomorrow I have my first interview for the Languages and Work program after Explore. I am a little nervous since it will be my first interview in French, but I know the girl interviewing me (named Camille) and she is really kind. After the interview, Camille will decide if I am a good fit for the Languages and Work program and I might get to be interviewed for a job placement! If I can work in Saguenay for the summer, it would be a huge advantage. Otherwise, I’d have to look for something back home, fighting off all the high school students who just got out of classes for the summer. I am very excited for the interview, but obviously a bit nervous as well.


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