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Today was more of a free day.

I was with Miranda when I decided I wanted to return my hair to the chocolate brown it naturally is. We went to the local Jean Cortu (it’s like Shopper’s Drug Mart) and picked up some hair colour. The names of those colours are like crayons so I used that little diagram on the box to see what my hair would look like in the end. Apparently a dark chocolate brown. I was excited! Miranda did an excellent job dyeing my hair, but when it was time to rinse, there was a big issue – my hair was black!

Now this isn’t the “you’re hair is really dark” black, this was the kind of black that almost looks blue! I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do! Miranda looked just as surprised as I did.
I got home and decided that it was just too much of a surprise for me to handle. I found somewhere online that Head and Shoulders shampoo is great at removing hair dye so I gave it a whirl. The suds were black! After a million shampoos, I went to bed. Now my hair is a black with chocolate highlights if I’m in the sun. No more funny blue business! A friend said I looked like a real life snow white since I’m so pale. I guess I’m a Disney princess from now on!

Everyone says it looks great on me but I am still in shock I believe. I’m coming around. At least it’s not lime green!


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