Exams Are Done!

Exams are finished as of today. Yay! We will have more at the end of the program, but the halfway mark has been made.

I don’t get to see my exact mark, but I know that I was within the 80%-84% range. That is already a huge improvement from my French grades in university (which ranged from 60%-74%) which makes me very happy.

Not a lot happened today since it was another long-class day. Jamie and I did come home to a lovely surprise though. Monique had decided to spend the day making delicious treats, including strawberry pie and sucre à la crème. Sucre à la crème is a Québecois fudge that tastes like maple fudge. Monique had made a huge Tupperware container worth of the fudge and it is absolutely delicious!

There was improvisation after class, which is on-the-spot acting. I was absolutely terrible at it, but so were the majority of the students so we all had a good laugh. I will be having an early night tonight so that I can catch up on some sleep!


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