And the Circus Came to Town


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We were clowning around in Jonquière today…literally!

The circus came to visit the Explore program and show us how it was done. There were many different stations to choose from, including balloon animals if all else failed. I did actually try the balloon animals during a break, and had no idea what I created until someone told me that they loved my anteater. I just went with it.

I can now juggle three balls for exactly three seconds before I accidentally throw one at someone. I’m not the best coordinated…

At the end of the day, there was a show put on by the clowns that was really, really funny. There was a lot of balancing things. It started out with bowling pins and progressed to full sized ladder. We were then led outside for the finalé – fire! One of the clowns (the balloon animal guy actually, who knew?) was a fire breather. There was a big ball of fire at the end!


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