St-Félicien: It’s a Zoo Around Here!


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Today was the trip to the zoo! It was just a little bit cloudy, lots of sun, and a short 2-minute rainfall to cool everyone off. A perfect day.

The zoo is what is known in Québec as a “zoo sauvage”. It’s kind of like the African Lion Safari, but on a nature reserve. Some of the animals all live together in their own ecosystem that’s self-sustainable. The others are in enclosures but they all look like free environments, and not cages.

We took a safari “train” through the park where we were within 10 feet of the bears! The black bears and the bison were the most curious as to who we were. The zoo just hosts boreal animals, so aside from a few from Asia, all of the animals were in their natural home. There were bears, coyotes, bison, elk, mountain sheep, lynx, tigers, cougars and more!

My favourite were the Prairie Dogs. They were funny little things that ran around and barked. I took a photo of one that appeared to be waving at me! The cougars were also pretty active. During their lunch feeding, there was a bit of a snarl over who got first choice of the meat. There were some very deep growling and some pounces too. But it was the lynx that really scared me! I was trying to find them for a few minutes, and then realized that they were sitting right in front of me, staring at me like I was dinner. They were surprisingly well hidden since they aren’t too big.

Of course, the terrain is gorgeous as always. I feel like an amazing landscape photographer, but you can take a photo of a rock here and it looks like paradise!

The Grizzlies were way bigger than I ever imagined. The largest of the males decided to walk to the edge of the enclosure to sniff me out. There was only a 10 foot wide chasm and a three foot glass fence between me and the biggest bear I had ever laid eyes on!

I was so tired after the zoo that I slept the whole two hour bus ride back to Jonquière. It even looks like I also got a bit of a tan today too! That hardly ever happens with my fair and freckly skin. It is pouring rain in Jonquière at the moment, and I believe we might get a bit of a thunderstorm tonight. As long as it doesn’t rain too much during the day, I’m a very happy camper. I do believe that the zoo is one of my most favourite places!


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