Today was the day of the Olympics. It was a bit interesting, but not a bad day.

First each class had to come up with a name, dance and song for their assigned country. We were given France and decided on the French Mustaches, so we drew a mustache on our finger to put up to our faces, and we even had a decent cheer too: “France, France, Danse, Danse, Vous n’avez aucune de chance!” (France, France, Dance, Dance, No one else has any chance!”)

I signed up for sociocultural activity and it turned out to be improvisation. I have never done improv before and I am probably one of the worst actresses imaginable. But the idea of improv is to act out a given scene on the spot and make people laugh. My team was so bad at the acting the goofy scenarios that it became really funny. We were so good at making everyone laugh apparently that we won for the intermediate French levels.

The sports division was something different entirely. The college has a beautiful artificial field that is really spongy and great to walk on. But since the grass is plastic, if you fall, it just shreds your skin. In soccer, two guys took the skin off large areas their legs from falling and sliding. About 4 people were sent to the hospital with muscle/joint injuries because the turf has different footing then real grass. My friend Miranda was unfortunately one of those people since she tore her ACL. I visited her in the hospital waiting room for a bit, after the Olympics and subsequent BBQ. Joslin was also there so we chatted and played some games. It worked out in the end. But I am definitely glad that I didn’t choose the sports events! There was also a trivia event but we don’t think we did so well in that. It’s so difficult in English, let alone in French.

Tomorrow is the zoo and I am so excited! Apparently it’s a safari so we will actually be in the enclosures with the animals! Ohhhhhh!


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