Au Revoir

Today was the day for the fair. We used the college grounds for the local school to visit us and participate in the games we had organized. There were many different options, including an ice cream stand and a Quidditch match from Harry Potter, but apparently many of the children liked ours best.

Since ours was space themed, we used tinfoil to make alien hats and antennae and painted ourselves with green paint and glitter. I can guarantee the glitter  will still be on my face for days! There was a lot of cheering and I am very surprised that nobody lost their voice. Some of the Explore students and the Explore coordinators tried the obstacle course when the kids weren’t at our station. It was very funny to watch. Everyone tried to mess up the others by knocking them down or moving the course around. Overall, a fun day, even if it was a bit cool and windy.

After the fair, everyone went home for dinner before going to The Pet’t Grenouille, the local bar that hosts a karaoke night. This time, we spotted our teacher there since it was his last night in Jonquière before moving to Mistissini for a new placement. It felt weird at first, being at a bar with your teacher, but then again he’s only just graduated and some of the students are actually older than he is.
Another week gone (I can’t believe it!) and tomorrow we have the Olympics! My class was assigned to the country France and we have named ourselves the French Mustaches. Go Mustaches! Woo!


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