Class was typical today, but afterwards the schedule had changed for Miranda and I since the dance instructor couldn’t make it that afternoon. Therefore, we had a free afternoon.

Our teacher, Monsieur Jean-Sébastien, is being transferred to teach at a native reserve next week, so I accompanied Miranda who wanted to buy a little cake for tomorrow. We asked for the cake to say “Merci et Bonne Chance M J-S”, but the baker messed up and put “Merci et Bonne Chance Mrs G-S”. Miranda and I aren’t really sure how “Monsieur Jean-Sébastien” became a “Mrs G-S” but our teacher has the good humour to find the mistake funny.

Dance class was rescheduled to this evening at 7pm. It was swing dance day! Miranda and I were partners and we were fantastic! We got a spot in the final presentation at the end of the program. We have to finish choreographing it, and we have so many ideas, we don’t know what to choose!

Tomorrow is the town fair which I just can’t wait for! A great way to end the week.


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