Today was fun! After the French lessons, my class finished preparations for the “kermesse” on Friday. It is kind of like a fair and BBQ for the community kids to participate in. My class has organized an obstacle course based on a space theme. I think it is going to be amusing to watch!

There was also an information meeting about the Languages at Work program offered after Explore. It gives Explore students the opportunity to work in Saguenay for the summer using their improved French. I would have to pass a French interview and have a French resumé, just like for any other job. There are a few offerings at a local museum which would be a nice fit (being a history major and all). I’ll have to see how it goes. The interviews don’t start until later on.

After the fair preparations, we went bowling! I played two games with the girls from my class which involved a lot of laughs. There are only 16 students in my class, 14 of them being girls. Everyone was absolutely terrible except for Erin who kept bowling spares every turn! There was a lot of cheering and overall a good time.

Later on in the evening was karaoke night at “Le Pet’t Grenouille”, a small bar downtown. There were just Explore students there for the evening which meant everyone knew everyone. I sang a few songs, but always with a group so that no one knew that it was me who was always off key, haha! The students are allowed to sing songs in English if that’s the language they were originally in (so no changing French songs into English!). Therefore, the girls and I sang Summer Lovin’ and a few others. The last bus never arrived to take Jamie and I home, so we walked. It took a half an hour, but it wasn’t too bad.

Today was definitely one of the most entertaining days, with a lot of fun and laughs. I am exhausted though. I could never have imagined it would be so tiring in Jonquière!


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