Movie Night

Today was a lot of work, but we were all rewarded at the end of it.

It was the first day of our linguistic workshops. Based on our degree of French fluency, everyone was divided into groups different from our regular classes. We then participated in advanced linguistic periods. My class participated in a debate/speech class where we argued different opinions on a given topic.

It is so easy to think of the perfect word or phrase in English, but so much more difficult in French. One of mine was “Les réserves autochtones sont très importants pour la culture et identité du Canada parce que les autochtones sont une pièce de la culture et l’histoire du Canada les deux unique et incomparables des les autres cultures du monde.” (Native reserves are very important to the culture and identity of Canada because the natives represent a piece of Canadian culture and history both unique and incomparable to other cultures of the world.) It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to explain in French, ever.

After that, there was a movie night for everyone. In French, of course, but the subtitles helped. It was about Louis Cyr, who was known as the strongest man in the world. It was very good, but it did get quite sad at times.

Overall, a good day but certainly not a lazy one!


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