Square Dancing

Today was another long day of classes. Everything is falling into a routine which we are all adjusting to.

The activity after classes was a folk dance class. It was absolutely hilarious. We were about 40 people who were all uncoordinated, trying to do dances like square dancing in a foreign language. There were a lot of laughs!

Miranda and I were partners for the dancing. She has a big personality and we were laughing the entire time. The teacher, Louis, was (I believe) from Québec City and could do all sort of dances like tap and Irish dancing, but he decided that it would be better to stick to the simpler ones for us orangutans. We learned some old English and French dances from the 15th century as well. There was even one which name translates as “The Little Train of Saguenay”. It originates from the Saguenay area, like the name suggests.

The cultural dances were all good fun but my muscles are quite angry with me. With all of the hiking, the ziplining/extreme obstacle course and now dancing, three days in a row, every part of me is stiff. I am exhausted every night. Jonquière sure keeps us busy!


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