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Today, everyone went for a hike at Cap-Trinité. It was a rain-or-shine kind of excursion, but luckily it didn’t rain like it was supposed to!

Cap-Trinité is in the Parc National du Fjord-du-Saguenay. It was left behind after some nasty glaciers carved their way through. The whole area is anything but flat and the forests are so thick I doubt a single tree more could fit. When we were shown the mountain that we were going to climb, I thought that I was looking at the wrong mountain. It took a solid two hours to climb the 3 km up the mountain, and another two hours for the descent. That was the word that was used: “descendre” en français. It was like we were about to hike Mount Everest!

It had evidently poured just before we arrived in the morning, because everything was wet and muddy. The “stairs” we used were simply strategically chosen boulders, that were slippery from the rain. There were a few wooden stairs available at some particularly difficult spots, but they were just as slick as the rocks and moss. We weaved our way around miniature streams and waterfalls of melt water, because there are still patches of snow and ice in Saguenay. They are everywhere and look like mini glaciers that lost their way.

This hike was exhausting! There were times when the moss beds starting looking like the perfect spot for a nap. Although even some of the moss looked funny, more like rubbery seaweed. Must be because Saguenay is so far north that the vegetation is changing.

Of course the view once we finally made it to the top of the mountain was worth the strenuous effort it took to get there. Even though it was very cloudy, the view from the top was gorgeous! We could see the entire Fjord du Saguenay and the Rivière Saguenay from here. Because of the earlier rain, the clouds were really low and everything had an air of mystery thanks to the fog.

Wow, I cannot believe how tired I was when I finished the hike. I am hiking again tomorrow morning as well! It seems like I’ll be in the best shape of my life after this weekend.


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