C’est le Weekend

Wow! This week has just flown by!

Today was a good end to the school week. There was an assembly in the morning, and some of the classes presented funny skits and songs. There was also a video that was put together to sum up the first week at the Cégep (the university). I guess I was always in the right place at the right time since I appear in the video so many times! You can recognize me by my bright yellow jacket (which I wore so often because it was raining most of the week)!

Jamie and I each received a bus pass from the Cégep since we are technically living in Kénogami, and not Jonquière. The two towns are located side by side but without a defined border. But it’s still a half an hour walk to the university, so today Jamie and I tried the bus system. It was easy enough, and now I can visit nearby towns like Chicoutimi and La Baie on my free nights. We will have to discover what else there is to do in Saguenay!

I have decided to change my iPhone’s language to French. It’s especially easier for telling time as everything here is in 24 hour time. It’s also teaching me new vocabulary as well, which can’t hurt. I have certainly learned many new words by using apps like my email in French.

It has been officially one week since I left Ontario. Tomorrow we go hiking at Cap-Trinité!


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