Quelle Surprise

Oh, today was absolutely lovely! Over 25 degrees Celsius, lots of sun and no humidity. It was exactly what we wanted after such a rainy start to the week.

My dance classes started today. Each week we will be learning a new style. This week was urban dance. It was absolutely exhausting! Marilyne is a great teacher since she has so much energy and enthusiasm. The class is also a good chance to learn French vocabulary in an environment that actually uses that vocabulary. For instance, we all learned what the word “cheville” meant after Marilyne told us to “tournez votre cheville” and proceeded to roll her ankles. That kind of learning sticks with you much better than filling out vocabulary and conjugation charts.

After all of that dancing around and with such strong heat outside, some of the girls decided to walk to an ice cream shop. I chose the blueberry frozen yogurt, since Jonquière is famous for its blueberries. Yum, yum! Or, as the French say, miam, miam!

There are so many ice cream shops in Jonquière. I’ve seen fewer gas stations than ice cream shops here! Speaking of gas stations, I don’t think I’ll ever complain of the price of gas again. It’s around $1.40-$1.50 a litre here! It must be since Jonquière is so far north.

Monique made tourtière again for dinner. Tourtière is so simple, but so good. It’s only a pie with potatoes and meat inside but for some reason it’s sooooooooooo delicious! Monique told Jamie and I that tourtière is only found in Saguenay. Apparently Montréal tries to create its own tourtière, but Monique was adamant that it was not nearly as good as Saguenay’s tourtière. What she described sounded more like shepherd’s pie to me.

After dinner, Jamie and I returned to the college for a movie night. It was put together by three of the coordinators, Annie, Severine and Pierre-Luc. (Oh my goodness, there are so many Pierre’s here! It’s a very typical French name.) We watched some Québécois TV shows which were really funny. I was surprised at how much I could piece together! We also played some charades, which is MUCH harder to do in French (I had to describe “Fiddler on the Roof”).

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! It has gone by so quickly.


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