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Today was the nicest day so far in Jonquière! Many students went for another walk around town after classes to see what Jonquière has to offer since it was too nice of a day to not go outside! We walked across the pedestrian bridge that is actually the town dam. The water was fast and loud! Some parts of Jonquière still have a bit of snow so the river is swollen with all the melt water. From the bridge it is possible to see far north, past Jonquière, to the mountains beyond the river. A local woman told us that if we stood in a particular spot on the bridge, rainbows always appear. We tried it for ourselves and she was right!

The town was truly made for walking and biking. Everyone here seems to own a bike too! There are many wide bridges and roads made just for pedestrians – no cars allowed. I also like how the village works with nature and builds around it, as opposed to trying to change it. There are many spots in Jonquière where houses are built on seemingly random outcroppings of rock. There must be great views of town from their windows.

Today was also the first day of French-only conversation. It was hard, but once you got into the swing of it, it become easier and easier. I am sure our sentences made very little sense to the native Francophones here, but the students understand exactly what each other is trying to say. It’s a free night with no events planned after class, so I am not sure what I will be doing. Jamie and I might be getting together with some other students tonight for some poutine, which is extremely popular here. I am just hoping that all of this good weather will stay for a while now that it’s finally here!


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