La Première Jour


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It was rainy here today so Monique drove us to school. We were placed into our classes, and it turns out that Jamie and I are in the same level. We were placed in Intermédiaire III, which is the 6th of 7 levels. I guess I really improved my French at university this past year!

We haven’t signed our French-language contracts with the school yet, so the students do still speak a bit of English. Monique only speaks French with Jamie and I since she has very limited English. Thankfully, she has had many students like us before (I believe we are her 21st and 22nd students) so she knows to speak very clearly and explains things if we do not understand her.

I was so surprised to find about 6 other students from my university campus! What are the chances of that? Our outdoor rally event had to be canceled due to the rain but the other event weren’t. Once the rain left, it was very sunny out. Jamie, myself and a few others went for a walk around town before we went back to Monique’s house for dinner. We wanted to see the town and it is beautiful! The Saguenay River runs through the middle of town and there are boardwalks and parks along the shore. All of Jonquière looks like it was freshly painted in wonderful colours that adds to its charm.

Monique cooked delicious homemade burgers and also made croissant-like desserts that were filled with warm strawberry jelly. After dinner with Monique there were more events at the college so she drove Jamie and I back to the school again. We even saw a beautiful rainbow on our way! I guess that’s the silver lining to all of this rain lately.

Tomorrow is supposed to have wonderfully warm weather and it looks like it will be the only sunny day this week! I sure will be glad when all of this rain is gone for good.


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